Team Members

  • Mike-Jewett
  • Michael C. Jewett

    Professor of Bioengineering
    B.S., University of California, Los Angeles, 1999
    M.S., Stanford University, 2001
    Ph.D., Stanford University, 2005
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Technical University of Denmark, 2007
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School, 2009

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  • Lauren-Clark

    Lauren Clark

    Lab Manager

    B.S., M.S., University of California San Diego


    Lauren is developing a cell-free protein synthesis platform using chloroplast S30 extract.
  • Ashty-Karim

    Ashty Karim

    Research Assistant Professor

    Ph.D., Northwestern University

    B.S., University of Texas at Austin


    Ashty is developing cell-free systems for biosynthetic pathway prototyping and natural product discovery.

  • Ana Guerrero

    Executive Assistant

    B.Ed., Normal Pablo Livas


    Ana is supporting the Jewett Lab and projects at the Bioengineering Department at Stanford University.

Postdoctoral Associates

  • Rochelle Aw

    Rochelle Aw

    B.S., Imperial College London, U.K.

    Ph.D., Imperial College London, U.K.


    Rochelle is developing tools for cell-free glycoprotein synthesis.
  • Yun-nam Choi

    Yun-nam Choi

    B.S., Postech Korea, Korea

    Ph.D., Postech Korea, Korea


    Yun-nam is working to develop carbon fixation pathways for sustainability.

  • Jess Willi

    SNSF Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellow

    B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Bern, Switzerland


    Jess is working on engineering and retro-evolving ribosomes.

Graduate Students

  • Maddie-Dewinter

    Maddie DeWinter

    B.S., University of Colorado


    Maddie is working on engineering cell free protein glycosylation pathways.
  • Holly Ekas

    Holly Ekas

    NDSEG fellow

    NSF GRFP (declined)

    Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow

    B.S., The University of Texas at Austin


    Holly is working on transcription factor-based sensing.
  • Laura Guerrero

    Laura Guerrero

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow

    B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison


    Laura is accelerating biodiversity and biodesign of therapeutics.
  • Camila-Kofman

    Camila Kofman

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow

    B.S., Stanford University


    Camila is redesigning ribosomes to facilitate basic knowledge and enable new applications.
  • Grant-Landwehr

    Grant Landwehr

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow

    B.S., Louisiana State University


    Grant is developing cell-free systems for sustainability.
  • Caleb Lay

    Caleb Lay

    NSF NRT SynBAS Trainee

    B.S., University of Cincinnati


    Caleb is working on engineering materials from insects.
  • Kat Myers

    Kat Myers

    B.S., Purdue University


    Kat is accelerating biodesign for synthetic biology applications.
  • Meagan Olsen

    Meagan Olsen

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow

    B.S., University of Arkansas


    Meagan is developing cell-free systems for equitable biotechnologies.
  • Zachary Shaver

    Zachary Shaver

    NSF NRT SynBAS Trainee

    B.S., Davidson College


    Zach is working on reimagining medicine manufacturing.
  • Brenda-Wang

    Brenda Wang

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow

    B.S., University of California, Berkeley


    Brenda is working on accelerating biodiscovery and biodesign using cell-free systems.
  • Katie-Warfel

    Katie Warfel

    NDSEG Fellow

    B.S., Bucknell Universty


    Katie is using cell-free systems to engineer glycosylation pathways.
  • Derek Wong

    Derek Wong

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow

    B.S., University of California, San Diego


    Derek is working to identify novel antibiotics.

  • Ravalika Damerla

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow

    B.S., MIT, Biological Engineering


    Ravalika research focus on cell-free engineering of fungi for sustainable food.

  • Kyle Zolkin

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow

    B.S., UC Berkeley, Chemical Biology


    Kyle is developing cell free systems for sustainability and energy metabolism.

Master’s Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Rebeca Lion

    Rebeca Lion

    Biomedical Engineering

    Works with Grant Landwehr


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